Admission Fee & Subscription
The category wise membership admission fees and quartely subsciptions etc. may be ascertained from club office (Phone: 0751-2324110. E-mail: (However, the same may be changed from time to time subject to the approval of AGM / EGM).
Admission Fee
(Govt. duties as applicable) (In Rs)
Subscription (Quarterly)
(Govt. duties as applicable) (In Rupees)
Life member    
Permanent member    
Corporate member (Three)
(1st Member, 2nd Member
and 3rd Member)
Senior citizen member (At the age of 65 to 70 years) (Above the age of 70 years)    
Dependent member (Conversion to Permanent Member) For 1st Child For 2nd Child For 3rd Child For 4th Child 12.5%} Of 12.5%} Permanent 50% } membership 100% } Fees  
Temporary member 10% of Permanent Membership Fees    
Honorary member NIL NIL
Guest N.A. 100.00 per day
1. Members in between the age of 65 to 70 will pay 70% amount of regular member’s subscription and those more than the age of 70, will not pay any subscription fee.
2. The Quarterly Subscription Fee includes the Sport Fees (except Swimming Fee) for all members
3. A sum of Rs. 100/- per faculty shall be charged separately from the Guest member.
4. Guests from other affiliated clubs (who have a reciprocal tie-up with us) may visit club maximum three days in a month, but no local guest will be accompanied by him.  However, a sum of Rs. 100/- shall be charged per guest per day.
5. 10% interest will be levied for non-payment of Quarterly Subscription within 60 days.
6. The member shall get a discount of 10% depositing the Annual Subscription in full at the beginning of the financial year i.e. in the month of April.