Admission of Members
1. Any person desirous of becoming a member shall apply in the prescribed form (on payment of Rs. 2000/-) available with the Club Office along with the subscription payable under these rules and regulations to the Secretary of the club.
2. There after, a notice will be displayed at the club notice board so that all members have had the opportunity to express objections, if any, regarding the applicant for membership.  The Executive Committee shall at its discretion, at a regular or special Executive Meeting or through membership selection committee duly formed by it, may approve or reject such application for membership without explanation of its action. A majority vote of those present shall be necessary to give approval.
3. Upon favourable action by the Executive Committee such approval shall be communicated to the applicant by the Secretary, and/or the  Sponsor and the Secretary shall forthwith collect all dues and fees prescribed by these Bye-laws and, upon receipt thereof, immediately forward the new member's name, address, and will issue new membership card.
4. Any former member, of the club, who was in good standing when his or her membership was ceased may be admitted on payment of Rs.25,000/- (Rupees Twenty five thousand only)  as re-entry fees by the Executive Committee along with balance dues on the date of cessation of membership.   The admission of such former members shall be neither required nor automatic.
Expulsion of Member
1 A person who has been admitted as member can be expelled from the club on the following grounds:
a. On charges of gross misconduct.
b. On charges of acting against the aims and objects of the club.
c. On charges of committing such acts, as in the opinion of the Executive Committee, which may lower / tarnish the image of the club.
2. Such expulsion of the Member can be made only by passing a resolution in the Executive Committee meeting after giving clear 7 days notice to the member.  
3. No such resolution for the removal of any member can be moved unless:
a. A Disciplinary Committee to be constituted by the Executive Committee, consisting of at least three members, majority of whom shall be office-bearers or elected members, after holding such enquiry as may be necessary, makes a recommendation to that effect after serving a copy of the draft charges and giving sufficient opportunity to the member concerned to offer his written explanation.
b. A copy of the findings and recommendations of the Disciplinary Committee and the resolution of the Executive Committee thereof is served by registered post on the member concerned at least 07 (seven) days prior to the Executive Meeting in which the resolution for his removal is proposed to be moved.
Cessation of Membership
A person shall cease to be a member in the event of any one of the under mentioned contingencies:
1. On his death
2. On his resignation given in writing to the Secretary or the Executive Committee and accepted by the Executive Committee
3. On his being adjudicated insolvent
4. On his being dismissed from public service
5. On his being sentenced by the any Hon’ble Court of Law.
a. If a member fails to pay his Bills more than Rs. 500/- within 60 days of its presentation, he shall be liable to have his name posted in a conspicuous part of the Club premises, and a show-cause notice will be served on him by the President and/or Secretary, Treasurer and/or in their absence by any member of the Executive Committee deputed for this specific purpose asking him / her to make immediate payment of outstanding dues.
b. In case of non-payment of his dues Club related due exceeding Rs. 600/- within a period of 10 days commencing from the date of dispatch of notice will cease to be a member of the club from that date. 
c. At the time of Election of Office Bearers/Executive Committee in the Club the right of voting of such Defaulting Member, whose dues exceed Rs. 500/- (such as Club Fees / Game Fees, Bar, Canteen) on the date of filling nomination as per election schedule shall remain suspended. (Note:  The amount of advance billing shall not be treated as outstanding dues).
7. On receiving recommendations of the Disciplinary Committee the Executive Committee, will have the powers to terminate and/or suspend the membership of the guilty for a period to be decided accordingly.