In these rules and regulations, unless the context otherwise requires:-
1. Executive Committee' or 'Committee' means the Executive Committee of the Club constituted under these rules and regulations.
2. 'Member' means a member of the Jiwaji Club,  Gwalior and shall  include Patron, Life Member, Permanent Member, Corporate Member, Senior Citizen Member, Dependent Member & Temporary Member.  
3. 'Club' means the "Jiwaji Club,  Gwalior".
4. 'Year' means the financial year beginning on the 1st of April. 
1. Patron : H.H. Jyotiraditya M. Scindia will be the Chief Patron of the Club.
2. Patron:   Any respectable person with sound financial background and eminent   status, who donates a sum of Rs. 5,00,000/-  (Rs. Five Lacs) to the funds of club, may be included in the panel of its patrons, provided that the Membership Selection Committee and Executive Committee of the club approve the selection by three fourth majority.
Only such persons, who fulfil all the following conditions, shall be eligible to become members of the club.
1. Any respectable person who is resident of Gwalior who has sound financial back ground. 
2. Who has completed 21 years of age on the date of application for Membership. 
3. The duly incorporated Companies/Corporations may also be enrolled as a member, and such members shall nominate any of their Principal Officer(s), Managing Director, Director(s), to represent as a member.   However, company shall cast one vote through his authorized representative.
a. The authorization and or nomination on behalf of such company to take part or to represent as member, fee shall be as given in Rule 7.
b. Such nominated &/or authorized members of company, shall not be entitled to be selected as any of the office bearers &/or members of   Executive Committee of the club, except by way of co-option, by the Executive Committee, to any of the Sub-committee(s) for the fulfilment and promotion of any of the objects of the club, &/or for arranging functions and programmes in the club.
c. Such company shall be held responsible, for any act of their nominated &/or authorized persons in the club.
4. Who subscribes to the aims and objects of the club and is willing to abide by its Memorandum and Rules and Regulations, and
5. Who has not been expelled from membership of the club under the provisions of these rules and regulations.
6. A member shall be regarded as in good standing if he or she is not more  than sixty (60) days in arrears in payment of any indebtedness dues  (such as club Fees / Game Fees, Bar, Canteen), or  otherwise, any other club related dues. 
7. Any person who is proposed for and duly elected to membership in this Club shall be deemed to have accepted these Bye-laws and the Rules and shall be bound by them in all respects as if he or she had been a member at the time of their adoption.
8. No such person can be a member of the Club who has a criminal record and /or has been prosecuted for the criminal act.
  Provided further that notwithstanding anything contained in these rules, a Temporary Member shall not be eligible to participate in the Annual / Extra-ordinary General Body Meeting or vote to contest in the Elections.
Categories of Members

There shall be the following categories of members of the club, namely:

1. Life member
2. Permanent member
3. Corporate member
4. Senior citizen member
5. Dependent member
6. Outstation member
7. Temporary member
8. Honorary member
9. Guest member
Any person who is eligible to be a Member of the Club under these rules and regulations and who pays the requisite fees shall be admitted as the following:
1. Life Member:
Any person of sound financial background, eminent status with minimum age of 35 years, who has a minimum standing of 5 years as Permanent Member of the club, and who pays an amount of 25% of membership fee in lump-sum, may be elected as a Life Member, by applying to Membership Selection Committee & Executive Committee, whose decision shall be final in this regard.  Such elected Life Members shall not be required to pay monthly club subscriptions thereafter, except the Games Fee (Swimming) as per club rules laid down in this behalf. 
2. Permanent Member:
All those persons of 21 years of age or more and who are duly proposed, seconded and elected as such by Membership Selection Committee according to the procedure & rules, may be enrolled as a Permanent Member of club. 
In the case of any Government employees, only Gazetted Officers shall be considered for this membership by Membership Selection Committee.
3. Corporate member: A corporate body may be admitted as corporate member under terms and conditions detailed hereunder may nominate upto three representatives.
1. The corporate house should have office or place of business in territory of Gwalior District.
2. The corporate house should be a Public Limited or a Private limited registered with the Registrar of Companies.
  Such members will be allowed to use all amenities and shall cast one vote through his authorized representative per membership and shall not be allowed to contest any elections of the club.
4. Senior citizen member:
A person at the age of 65 with sufficient proof may be admitted as senior citizen member. This membership is only for the permanent members of the club.
5. Dependent member:
Permanent / Lifemembers wishing their wife or husband and unmarried children below 21 years and above 12 years only to use the club unaccompanied shall obtain Identity Card for each of them by making formal request along with two passport size photographs with a nominal fees of Rs. 200/- each may be admitted as dependent members. The facilities for such dependent members may be withdrawn by the Executive Committee if in its opinion the presence of such dependent in the club premises is not in the interest of the club and its members. 

However, a Permanent / Life member can apply for his dependent members who has / have not attained the age of 25 to this category by paying the requisite fees as per rule 7 subject to approval of Executive Committee / membership Selection Committee.
6. Outstation member:
Any permanent member, who is not residing presently in the municipal limits of Gwalior and who have given intimation in writing to the Secretary with present outstation address and on furnishing proof shall be eligible to become outstation member provided he / she pays the prescribed fees of the category (25% of the regular members subscription fees) during the period of his absence.
7. Temporary member:
All the Govt. officers of Class I & Class II category posted at Gwalior and temporarily residing at Gwalior are eligible as per rules of membership and who are duly proposed, seconded and elected as such by the membership Selection Committee may be enrolled as Temporary members of the club for a period not exceeding 1 year.

However the time period of this membership can be extended by the executive committee for further period of one-year upto a maximum of 2 years. An entrance fees of 10% of the fees of the permanent member shall be payable by such Temporary members.

This time limit shall not apply to persons belonging to Defence services, All India Cadre Services, Higher Judicial Services & State Services who shall have the option of continuing as Temporary members for the period they are stationed in their official capacity in Gwalior. They will be required to pay quarterly Club Subscription Games fees etc. as per club rules in advance. Such members will be allowed to use all amenities but will not be allowed to vote or contest any elections of the club.
8. Honorary member:
The Executive Committee, may by an unanimous vote, nominate persons of eminent status, whose association with the club is likely to be source of honour and pride to the club and its member or in view of their extra ordinary utility to the club, for election as Honorary members for such period, as may be specified.
9. Guest member:
A Permanent / Life / Corporate member may bring a guest for a period of only three days in a month on payment of Rs. 25/- per visit.  The guest has to be accompanied by the member who shall be held responsible for the conduct and dues of the guest.  The member of the affiliated club shall also be treated as Guest member.
10. Transfer of membership (in case of deceased member):
a. To spouse (widow) without Entrance Fee
i In case of absence of his spouse, one child as per Dependent member category
ii In case of children less than 21years, he/she will be treated as per Dependent member category.
11. Membership strength:
10% of last permanent membership strength can be increased and enrolled as New membership in one tenure of 2 years.
12. Members elected by Executive Committee three months prior the date of nomination of election for the Executive Committee, of the club shall be eligible for casting the vote only.